Why the Stars of ‘Unsellable Houses’ Bought This Home

Why the Stars of ‘Unsellable Houses’ Bought This Home

On “Unsellable Houses,” the twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis fix up a lot of needy homes, but in the latest episode, they end up loving the renovated house so much, they actually buy it!

In “Historic Home Rescue,” Lamb and Davis help their client, Annie, fix up her 1906 home in Everett, WA. The home wasn’t selling for the $390,000 asking price, and it’s no wonder why. This home should feel classic, but with decor straight out of the 1970s, it just feels dated.

Armed with a $60,000 budget, Lamb and Davis focus on keeping the classic Craftsman charm while modernizing the home. In the end, the results are so good, they decide to purchase it as a rental property.

Read on to find out what’s so special about this house, and learn plenty of take-home lessons too.

More bedrooms and bathrooms isn’t always better

Why the Stars of ‘Unsellable Houses’ Bought This Home
This living room was just too small and cluttered.


When Annie’s mother lived in this house, she needed a first-floor bedroom, for easy access without stairs.

The family spent a fortune adding a bedroom and bathroom right next to the kitchen. Lamb and Davis point out that while an extra bedroom is valuable, this particular suite is taking up too much living space.

They end up taking out the bedroom and bathroom, making room for a larger living space and even a dining room.

living room
Now, the house has space for a dining room.


“Opening this up was a really tough decision, being that we eliminated a bedroom and bathroom,” Davis tells Annie, “but a decision that we felt, in the long run, would capture more money for you.”

While in general, more bedrooms and bathrooms will fetch a higher price, Lamb and Davis prove that a house doesn’t really feel like home unless there’s a comfortable spot for a family to gather.

Install transom windows over doors

Before, this was the only way into the kitchen.


While changing the layout, they find themselves with a doorway to the kitchen that’s no longer necessary. Instead of closing up the wall, Lamb decides to add a closet. Then, to add an unusual touch, she comes up with the idea of adding a window above the door, matching the transom over the front door.

“Any little splash of character and uniqueness is just what makes these homes exciting,” Lamb says.

The window addition costs just $400 and looks great. While this feature isn’t original to the house, it somehow feels as if it’s always been there.

closet door
The window turns a simple closet door into an elegant feature.


Shiplap on the ceiling adds a cozy vibe

This kitchen looks soft and fresh.


Lamb and Davis give the kitchen a full makeover, with new floors, cabinets, and counters. But at the last minute, Lamb wants to add one last feature.

“I would love to do something on the ceiling, just to try to tie in that older style but give it something unique,” she says.

She decides to add white shiplap to the ceiling, giving the space a comfy, cottage vibe. This addition costs $1,500.

“It brightens up the room, adds texture, and also just is so very cozy,” Lamb says.

kitchen ceiling
This shiplap on the ceiling feels warm and welcoming.


Try a modern take on an old tile design

bathroom tile
Lyndsay Lamb wanted to evoke the feeling of this classic tile.


Davis and Lamb really want to preserve this home’s classic feel, but they know they can’t keep every old feature. 

When working on the upstairs bathroom renovation, Lamb says that she loves the original tile floor pattern, but knows that they can’t keep the faded flooring. So, she replaces the old tile with a pattern that bears a strong resemblance to the original look.

When Annie sees the new tile, she loves this modern spin on the old design. It brings this home into the 21st century, while still keeping some of its classic charm.

bathroom tile
This new tile is a modern version of a classic.


Wallpaper adds instant style

This mudroom was plain and unexciting.


When Lamb and Davis first see the house, they’re delighted by its mudroom—even though it isn’t particularly impressive at first.

Still, these sisters know how to dress up a space, and they decide to do it with an elegant floral wallpaper.

“Wallpaper is an easy, inexpensive way to add some style—and especially now that they’ve come out with peel-and-stick,” Lamb says.

With a little wallpaper, this mudroom is adorable.


When the house is done, Lamb and Davis are pleased with their work.

While Annie couldn’t sell this house at her original $390,000 list price, after Lamb and Davis have put $60,000 into the renovation, they’re confident this home will sell for at least $500,000.

However, the sisters have more good news for Annie, because they offer to buy the house for $515,000, so that they can rent it out themselves. Annie accepts their offer, making this renovation a win-win-win for everyone!