Three Unique Ways to Incorporate Limestone Into Your Home

Three Unique Ways to Incorporate Limestone Into Your Home

Limestone flooring by Vetter Stone1. BathroomBathroom using limestone by Vetter Stone

The bathroom is a great space to incorporate limestone into a home’s design. Its naturality and earthy tones create an oasis of escape for those who step into the room. Not only is stone a durable option, but it also creates a clean, elegant look in the space. If you’re considering adding a stone feature to the restrooms in your home, there are a few applications to explore: From shower and bath tiles to walls, floors, and even countertops, stone can be a versatile and beautiful aspect of your design.

2. Kitchen

While you may expect the kitchen to be a natural fit for stone, there are notable ways to let the stone shine. Limestone countertops are a less common, yet stunning way to feature the stone in your home. Backsplashes and wall applications, floors, and fireplaces are another way to feature the heat-resistant stone in your cooking space. Create a look of legacy for generations to come with this distinct substance.

limestone exterior of home - Vetter Stone

3. Exterior

The exterior of the home presents endless opportunities for stone application. Door and window surrounds, thin and full-bed exterior veneer, and landscaping are a few favorite ways to apply stone to draw attention and intrigue to a home. If you’re feeling inspired to incorporate the beauty of limestone into your exterior design, a few more ideas include exterior facades and wall cladding, columns, archways, flooring, and outdoor fireplaces.

Each piece of limestone is distinctive and has its own characteristics unique to it. Its durability and resistance to changing climate factors make it second to none for building applications. Talk with your designer or builder to explore options for using this natural stone for your project. For inspiration and direction, schedule an appointment at Vetter Stone’s Minneapolis showroom to talk with a stone professional. Crafted and quarried right here in the USA, choose a product to be proud of for your home.

Three Unique Ways to Incorporate Limestone Into Your Home