How do I measure a room before ordering flooring?

How do I measure a room before ordering flooring?


Well, depending on the shape of the room, you may have to divide it into several areas, measure the width and length of each separately, working out those independently as width (m) by length (m) = square metres.

We then add up those square metre areas together for a reasonably accurate total. For flooring like planks, decided whether you are running the material over the doorways and leaving the saddles out, and take notice of any areas like bays where the floors run into architectural features.

If the room is an offset shape with say a fireplace stepping out into the room, measure the room and work out the area using the widest points. Measure into window recesses and to the back of door-frames

For stairs, measure the depth of the tread and riser and multiple these by the number of steps. The width will tell you the length of carpet you then need to cover the stairs fully or as a runner.

For larger areas, if you don’t have one, consider picking up a laser measure with a range of around 30m, plenty of scope to cover your home and even garden projects. The measure should have an accuracy of no less that 1mm-1.5mm. 

Place the laser against the start wall or position you want to measure and aim the visible laser light dot on the surface marking the end of the measurement. You can add a few centimetres to the result if you prefer (not a bad idea for carpeting and other flooring). 

Most lasers allow you to save, acting as a quick calculator to give you the area in square metres essential to buying flooring. 

Always add around 10% waste for tiles and plank flooring. You only need the cubic metres of the room for certain buys like space heaters, but it’s still a handy tool to have in your back pocket. If you’re investing in installation in a complex, large area – have your supplier measure the space for total peace of mind.

How do I measure a room before ordering flooring?
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