Dorvie Raises .6MM Seed Round to Re-envision Delivery of Home Services for Adults Independently Aging in Place

Dorvie Raises $2.6MM Seed Round to Re-envision Delivery of Home Services for Adults Independently Aging in Place

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dorvie, the company re-envisioning the delivery of quality home services for adults who choose to stay in their home as they age, announced today that it has completed a $2.6 million seed funding round through the Quantified Ventures Solution Studio with participation from eleven senior care provider organizations. The funding enables Dorvie to bring its services to select markets around the country, starting with the Washington, DC, metro area launch this month.

Dorvie partners with trusted local service providers to deliver high-quality, high-value services to members – such as house cleaning, laundry services, home maintenance, meal and grocery delivery, and lawn and garden care – at exclusive rates that are aggregated in a single monthly bill.

“More Americans are choosing to remain in their home as they age and it is crucial to their wellbeing and quality of life that we tailor home service offerings to their specific needs,” said Hersh Fernandes, CEO of Dorvie. “We make a golden life accessible by partnering with the highest-quality service providers and delivering curated collections to save our members time, energy, and money.”

Dorvie emerged from the Quantified Ventures Solution Studio where non-profit senior care leaders collaborated to design and launch a scalable solution to one of their industry’s primary challenges. These leaders bring decades of experience providing services to thousands of adults in their communities in a location-based setting – including retirement and independent living communities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. These organizations are on the front lines of the nationwide trend where 90% of Americans over 50 years old prefer to “age in place” and are choosing to continue living independently – wherever they call home.

Through the Quantified Ventures Solution Studio, the senior care leaders embarked on a proactive process of market research, user discovery, prototype development, and concept vetting with inter-disciplinary experts elected to segment the problem, design/select scalable solutions, capitalize the initiative, and ultimately bring Dorvie to market.

“Dorvie is a game changer for individuals and their loved ones who choose to stay in their home or apartment as they age,” said Dave Gehm, president and CEO of Wellspring Lutheran Services, one of the seed investors in Dorvie. “Our organization looks forward to sharing best practices with Dorvie from our extensive experience serving seniors and know that we will learn important lessons about the needs and desires of individuals aging in place from this new company.”

“Dorvie is the latest real-world example of Quantified Ventures’ commitment to develop and scale bold solutions to improve the health of people and our planet,” said Eric Letsinger, founder and CEO of Quantified Ventures. “We’re thrilled to work with leaders like these who bring a deep understanding of core industry problems, access to customers, and a business reason to collaborate in a rigorous process of designing and launching scalable solutions that directly impact people’s lives.”

Dorvie offers its members several curated collections of services, based on the way they want to spend their time and retirement. Whether individuals love hosting friends and family, prefer to order-in for most meals, want the perfect lawn and garden, or desire as much free time as possible, Dorvie has it covered and can evolve as individual’s needs change over time.

“As our country ages and baby boomers move into retirement, new initiatives like Dorvie are helping to chart the future of aging services for millions of Americans,” said Katie Smith Sloan, CEO of Leading Age, which represents more than 5,000 non-profit aging services providers and other mission-minded organizations that touch millions of lives every day. ­

About Dorvie

Dorvie is a play on the French term for golden life: “vie d’or”. The company makes a golden life accessible for its members by saving them time, energy, and money. Dorvie has curated collections of services delivered by trusted local providers that handle everyday household chores like cleaning, laundry services, home maintenance, lawn and garden care, and food delivery. These bundled services provide Dorvie members peace of mind and allow them to spend their time with loved ones doing the things they care about most. More information about Dorvie is available at

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