As summer heats up, Boonville School District plans for big renovations

The new addition connecting Boonville High School and B-Tech is close to being completed. The Phase 1 project will include six classrooms, new bathrooms and a display area in the commons for trophies.

With the 2020-21 school year in the rearview mirror, work has already started in preparation for the upcoming school year in the Boonville R-1 District.

After the passage of the bond in April, at no tax increase to Boonville residents, Boonville Superintendent Sarah Marriott said the district is continuing with the Phase 1 renovations that were started last year. She said these are from the 2019 bond.  

However, with the Phase 1 projects ongoing, Marriott said renovations are starting to take shape from the Phase 2 projects. At LSE, Marriott said the district is replacing a lot of the flooring but wanted to keep the original flooring in the old entrance at the school. In addition, Marriott said new cabinetry is being installed in the art room along with upgrading the treads on the all the stairs from maroon to Pirate blue. “We’re painting the interior for all three stories of the original structure and ripping out all of the lockers and installing new lockers,” Marriott said. “We’re also doing some renovations to the office area with some flooring and just finishing up those projects.”