7 cool things to incorporate into your home

7 cool things to incorporate into your home

If the last 18 months taught us anything, it’s that home is where everyone is. And with Americans spending so much time between those walls, home improvement has quickly become the topic du jour.

In fact, according to a Technavio report cited by Business Wire, the DIY home improvement market is projected to grow by $143.3 billion between 2020-2024. Remember that when you’re standing in line at Home Depot!

Whether you’re in the market for a complete renovation, or simply looking for some easy and stylish updates, make sure you’re spending your money on things you’ll value in your home. Here are seven cool features you could easily add to your home.

Storage under the stairs

This isn’t your Harry Potter under-the-stairs kind of space. Imagine using that wall in your home that holds up your stairs for something more than hanging photos of the family. By using that oftentimes hollow space to create sliding drawers that disguise themselves as a decorative panel wall, you can store soccer gear, the Christmas tree, your vacuum or anything else you can imagine.

While it’s not an overnight project, or a weekend project for that matter, you’ll be using your limited space wisely and making your home that much cooler.

Sage green kitchens

Sorry, black and navy. So long, white. There’s a new kitchen cabinet color in town, and it’s taking 2021 by storm. Sage green—according to Domino (not to mention Pinterest boards the internet over)—is the trendiest kitchen color in 2021.

While this hue is perfect on cabinets because it’s both neutral and colorful, you can incorporate the shade in other ways too. If you’re not up for a full cabinet remodel, try using it as a wall color. Or for an even simpler update, pop some sage accessories on your kitchen shelves or countertops.

Staircase with a slide

Whether you’ve got kids or you’re still a kid at heart, you’ll love this idea. Imagine turning your boring old staircase into a staircase with a slide—yes, it’s possible! Many people have been reimagining the routine ways of getting around their home, and some are adding a slide to their staircase, right alongside the steps.

So while you can’t get out of going up the stairs, you can make it much more entertaining going downstairs!

Flooring that pops

While wood and wood-like alternative flooring isn’t going anywhere any time soon, patterned floors are certainly having a moment in 2021. From incorporating herringbone or chevron patterns in your hardwood or engineered hardwood, to patterned carpets and colorful mosaic tile, you can make your statement piece be the very thing you walk on.

There are no shortage of patterned ideas on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and other inspirational sites. Just be sure to visit your nearby Giant Carpet One showroom for expert guidance and installation.

Vertical herb garden

If you’re living in an area where outdoor space is shared or just limited, you’ll love the idea of bringing your garden to new heights. A quick search on Pinterest or Instagram will show you how people are using their empty wall space outside to make a vertical herb garden outside (and sometimes inside) their homes.

7 cool things to incorporate into your home
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Depending on your living situation and what you intend to grow, you’ll want to make a hanging for your wall that you can easily remove if you decide to relocate. Popular Mechanics suggests using a combination of a frame, plastic sheeting and fabric.

Light, light everywhere

There are several users on TikTok who suggest adding inexpensive, motion-activated LED light strips underneath your cabinets in both your bathroom and kitchen to make it feel more spa-like. Though it’s a small addition, lighting can have a huge impact on your mood. According to TCPI.com, light coming from below your eye level “can provoke a feeling of individual importance.”

So if you want to feel large and in charge in your own home, install some lighting below your cabinets, along your floorboards, or anywhere else you think could use a little illumination.

Sun tunnels

Along the same vein of adding more light to your home, you can (relatively) easily add sun tunnels to your ceiling via the roof for a directed and purposeful burst of natural light. Though they sound like a skylight, a sun tunnel is a reflective, metal tube inserted into your roof and ceiling. They capture the natural light outside and direct it into your home.

You might mistake a sun tunnel for a recessed lighting fixture, but instead of using electricity to brighten the space, you use the (free) power of the sun. It’s a stylish way to add more natural light into your home with very few associated costs.

Your home is your sanctuary, but these days, it’s also everything else. Make sure it’s the kind of place you love to live, work and play by incorporating some of the coolest features on the market today. To spice up your home, visit your local Giant Carpet One store for ideas and guidance.

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