3 tasks that costs more than you’d expect

When I first became a homeowner, I wasn’t clueless about the costs involved. I knew that on top of my monthly mortgage payments, I’d have other expenses to deal with, like property taxes and homeowners insurance. I also knew that it would cost money to maintain my home. But there are certain types of maintenance that have, through the years, wound up being a lot more expensive than I imagined they would be. Here are a few that caught me by surprise.

1. Gutter cleanings

You may need to have your gutters cleaned once a year, twice a year, or more frequently, depending on the position of your home and how many tall trees hang over it. Thankfully, my home generally only requires a once-a-year gutter cleaning, but because I have a multistory property, I’m not comfortable with us tackling gutter cleanings ourselves. Doing so requires my husband to climb a very tall ladder while I hold said ladder steady as he jerks it back and forth. And given the risk of injury involved, it’s a task worth outsourcing to the professionals.